E-Tech Power CMS package is a content management tool capable of building sites from several pages to several thousand. E-Tech Power CMS uses PHP/MySQL and features a very comprehensive admin manager. With E-Tech Power CMS there is no need for HTML, XML, DHTML skills. Just enter your content, add a picture and then through the easy to use administrator web-interface click Publish.

This module displays the latest items automatically from the latest published contents.

Most Popular

This component allows the visitors find out the most visited content.

Sections and Categories

All the contents are under the categories and all the categories are under the sections in this CMS. For example FIFA World Cap news is under “Football” category and “Football” category is under “Sports” Section. You can create unlimited categories and sections.

Manu Management
Manu manager will let you create dynamic menus and add/delete menu items in any menu. By default we are providing “main menu”, “top menu”, “other menu” and specially “user menu”.

User Management

You can create and manage user and assign user rights using this module. It will allow you create various type of user like “Public front-end user”, “Registered Front-end user”, “Author”, “Editor”, “Publisher”, “Public backend”, “Manager”, and “Administrator”.

Our CMS is providing WYSIWYG Editor which is a very strong text editor integrated with image editor. You can even insert flash file in your articles using this editor. This editor covers almost maximum common functions of any word processor.

Banner Management

Banner management is a very smart module. Using this module you can manage ads (advertise) of your clients randomly in a same location and also manage the limit of impressions for the particular ad.
The Statistics module shows information about your server installation and statistics on the web site like how many users is clicking on a particular news using which browser, which site is referring you how many times, which key-words is being searching for how many times and etc.

Polls Management

This module compliments the Polls component. It is used to display the Polls. You can define the time between votes for users/IP so that a particular user or visitor using a same IP can not vote twice within that time.


This module shows a list of the calendar months which contain Archived items/News.

Related Items

This module displays other Content Items that are related to the Item/News currently displayed.


Using this component visitor can save any articles from your site just clicking the PDF icon at the top of each article. This module generates the PDF file after clicking over the PDF icon at the run-time that is why you don’t have to create and store the documents as PDF format in your site.

Mail This
This module lets the visitors send any Article/News to his friends email address with a very easy and quick approach.


Visitors can print individual Article/Report/News by only clicking over the print icon.

Contact Management
This module provides the visitors request their queries and send their opinions to any of your contact person without having the email address publicly so the email addresses remain safe from spam/unexpected mails and the visitors gets a easy way to communicate.

WAP Access

Our CMS has its WAP version for the visitors using from their mobile phone sets. In this case the URL will be “wap.yourdomain.com” rather then “www.yourdomain.com”.

SMS Management

Using this module you can send SMS News from your site to thousands of cell phone with a single click.

And many more…….